Monthly Archives: January 2012

1.Glitter Ain’t Gold
2.Feel Right
3.Doing It Big
4.The Pre-Game
5.The Presentation
6.See Me Stuntin
7.Rock Star Bizarre
8.So Nice
9.Give A What
10.City Never Sleeps
11.Step Up
12.I’m Nice
14.Locked Out
15.Time Will Tell

01. Rock The Boat (Ft. Pitbull, Dragonfly And Fatman Scoop)
02. Fuck With You (Ft. Sophie Ellis Baxtor And Gilbere Forte)
03. Wild Thing (Ft. Snoop Dogg)
04. Far L’amore (Ft. Raffaella Carra)
05. Not Gangsta (Ft. Mr Shammi)
06. Life (Ft. Ben Onono)
07. Put Your Handz Up (Ft. Hot Rod)
08. Tik Tok (Ft. Sean Paul)
09. Around The World (Ft. Gilbere Forte)
10. Rainbow Of Love (Ft. Ben Onono)
11. The Network (Ft. Kc Flightt)
12. Magic Fly